Dear Nearlyweds, 

Congratulations on entering a new life transition with your partner! I am so thrilled you made it to my site to check out my work and see if we would make a good team for your wedding day. 

My name is Ezlan (they/them) and I've been a passionately dedicated activist and photographer in Chicago for almost thirteen years now! I am always looking forward to wedding days and all the emotions that are involved. I'm very good at blending into environments and creating a comforting presence during stressful times. Some folks have told me I make them feel very seen and safe. I am someone who does this not just for a living but for the joy of watching people deepen the love they have for one another. 

Artistically, I really love collaborating with my clients on what their vision is for their wedding photographs and planning appropriately to get everything they desire from their day photography wise. You'll find that my timeline creation is really helpful in eliminating stress.

Take your time looking through things on here and please do inquire about your wedding day when you find the contact page. Looking forward to seeing if we connect and how I can best help you!



i'm glad you're here


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This business serves ALL people in love and is proudly owned by a white transgender queer person and operated by others in the community. We are striving for anti-racism, diversity of bodies, and disability awareness with our clients. You can say we are the experts on comfort. We try to make sure you are feeling supported and not stressed on your day. Logistically? We got you. Artistically? Double check. Together we can create a great team and capture some amazing moments for your album.