CD & Me Frankfort, Illinois Wedding Photography | Danine and Nathaniel

Danine and Nathaniel have strong personalities. Both of them have a presence that makes you feel like friends after a few minutes of knowing them. For their engagement session, we kicked it off with a shot of whiskey. To be honest; I’m not as big a fan of whiskey as I once was. I felt like a total noob as I downed some Pepsi to chase the taste but held my ground so I didn’t look SO pathetic compared to these two.

Flash forward to their wedding day and it’s just like them; laid back and genuine. We had a lot of small intimate moments with family, the ceremony was beautiful in every aspect, some very fine whiskey was had, and the reception was lively thanks to their super friendly DJ. It was a very long day but time went by fast for my second shooter Paul Rottman and I as we documented the day. Overall, we did a good job!

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