Chicago Maternity Session with Hannah and Angelo

Hannah and Angelo unfold a large blue blanket in a forest clearing. Hannah is far along in her pregnancy. She has short curly blonde hair, she is plus sized, and is wearing a blue off the shoulder denim dress with quarter length sleeves. She has yellow sandals on and a bright blue mask since this is COVID times. Angelo is a black haired man. He wears a white long sleeve button up shirt and dark brown velvet skinny pants with leather penny loafers. He has a matching blue surgical mask over his face.
A wide shot of the two in the clearing amongst the trees and their blue blanket on the ground. They’ve taken their masks off and remain socially distanced. They pose themselves to the right of the blanket in the grass, with their hands on Hannah’s belly, looking into each others eyes and smiling.
A close up of Hannah’s belly with Angelo’s hands below hers. Hannah has pink nails, Angelos hands are the same size as hers.
Angelo embraces Hannah, Hannah closes her eyes and smiles in the moment.
Angelo buries his face into Hannah’s shoulder for comfort as I photograph them both in the sunlight patches. His arms are wrapped around her back, there is grass beneath them and trees blurred into the background.
An overhead shot of Hannah and Angelo laying on the spice themed vintage blanket they brought. Angelo has his hand on Hannah’s stomach, she holds her underbelly. They’re bodies are in frame but their heads are cut off.
Hannah stands head on at the camera, I compose a shot of her hands resting on her pregnant belly. Rainbow flares enter the camera from the left. You can see her arm tattoos and pink nails against her blue dress.
A better shot of their faces laying down together in the forest floor. Plants surround them as they both turn their heads inward towards each other and clasp hands.
A closer shot of the two laughing hysterically something I likely had something to do with.
For this shot I put them into the sunlight patches in the forest edges and exposed for the sun splotches. Creating a dark frame of the two with small peaks of light illuminating the forest behind them and its floor. They both hold each other in the light, rest their heads together, and close their eyes.
A horizontal close up of Hannah’s smiling face, bangs falling into it, connecting with Angelo in the foreground. It’s entirely black surrounding them besides the light patches that illuminate Hannah’s face.
A wide angle shot of the two holding hands and facing the camera head on while standing in the patches of sunlight in the forest.
A close up of Angelo and Hannah’s bodies standing next to one another in the sunlight

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