Lo and Rachel Engaged at Montrose Bird Sanctuary

Many people ask me where to go for their engagement session and there are many different options for anyone asking that question. When it comes to your engagement session, you want to choose somewhere to compliment your wedding day photography locations.

Say you’re getting married during winter when there is little daylight left at the end of the day. Perhaps a bright, sunny, midday session somewhere pretty would be your best complimentary session location. We can go to the beach, visit a coffee shop you two love, or use your highly decorated apartment or home.

When Lo and Rachel were planning they picked this location themselves. I’ve shot here many a times at this point in my career so I was enthralled with the idea of some moody sunset photographs of them in the tall grass. Montrose is one of those versatile naturey locations perfect for anyone looking for a green background near Lake Michigan.

My favorite part of this session was the chemistry between Lo and Rachel. Lo has a very friendly and outgoing personality. Rachel is just as vocal as a person and has the cutest eyes when she smiles.

Some photographers are detailed with instructions but I’m someone who gets very quiet and lets my subjects interact naturally. I’ll document people when they’re smiling at each other in that goofy romantic way but also throw in some artistic compositions for their walls. The ultimate goal is that my clients put these to good use. Using them on your walls as prints or inside a tiny album to remember the day.


My biggest advice for anyone planning a longer engagement session in Chicago is to have two diverse locations that are nearby each other and dress differently for each location. We can spend anywhere between one to two hours shooting during your session. Depending on traffic in the city that day and when sunset is.

Lo and Rachel stuck with one outfit for their diverse location and it worked out just fine! So don’t feel obligated to bring changes unless you’re going to a completely separate location. Also be aware that you’ll need a bathroom in close proximity for changing if you’re unable to do so in your vehicle.

Make sure you arrive here with enough time to find parking. On a weekday it isn’t so busy, but on the weekends it can take a few minutes to grab a spot and walk to the entrance.

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