It was an honor to attend and photograph an old friends wedding day. Zoe and I used to be friends way back upon a time in middle school. We reconnected when she had news of her marriage and needed someone special to capture it! Of course, I was excited to. But boy I wasn’t ready […]

Nothing could have prepared me for this one. I knew Susan and Micah were a bit different from the rest of our clients from this year but I never knew how intricate they would get with their macabre theme. This wedding is filled with antique skulls, pies of all varieties, a Klingon wedding AND a […]

This venue was one of the coolest rooms I’ve ever been in. The floor was paneled with glass lit from underneath. The room was shaped circular and created this intimate feeling amongst the guests. And the view from the ceremony was just stunning. What a beautiful day! Enjoy!  

We had a lazy Sunday afternoon together in their apartment. It was filled with great artwork, books, motivational sayings, and my favorite—plants! All over. It was glorious as a plant parent myself. They snuggled by the fireplace and made jokes at each other while I snapped away. It was a blast if you ask me. […]

It was a blast walking around with these two. The little one was obsessed with her four year old birthday balloons Mom brought with. Score! Enjoy <3

These two babes stole my heart! His cute little green flannel and her bright smile made everything pop. Enjoy this mini-session!

Juli knocked her session out! We spent a good chunk of our time laughing about what sexy is to us and how to “be” sexy. I think we both agreed it’s overrated. Being us is more important for these sessions to me. While being sexy is a goal for every session, I find my clients […]

Meeting this person was a total pleasure, her energy is so warm and welcoming I felt right at home during this in home session. We played around with the light in her living room and finished the session off with some delicious vegan pineapple pizza—topped with cannabis. Blunt a la mode. Many of you many […]