Kathy is a friend of mine whose been itching to get some photographs done with her beloved old man. Dexter is a complete ham for the camera, a very good boy indeed. We spent thirty minutes doing this session at Glacial Park in Ringwood, Illinois. It has this beautiful endless scenery and we shot on […]

Tell me about your disabilities.My primary disability can either be classified as physical or neurological. It is called Cerebral Palsy or CP for short. Which is caused by brain injury due to a lack of oxygen that I was deprived at birth due to my Mothers drug use. Basically it affects all four of my […]

Danine and Nathaniel have strong personalities. Both of them have a presence that makes you feel like friends after a few minutes of knowing them. For their engagement session, we kicked it off with a shot of whiskey. To be honest; I’m not as big a fan of whiskey as I once was. I felt […]

It was an honor to attend and photograph an old friends wedding day. Zoe and I used to be friends way back upon a time in middle school. We reconnected when she had news of her marriage and needed someone special to capture it! Of course, I was excited to. But boy I wasn’t ready […]

Special Thanks to Bang Bang Pie! If you haven’t tried their pies yet; RUN.

A beautiful wedding at Loft 28 West in Aurora, Illinois.

I recently began to photograph entrepreneurs like myself doing their thing. This is Gina Perez. She is a social media guru. She blogs, she helps you build your online marketing strategy, and she is a wiz when it comes to making things look good in a way that will grow your business. She’s getting herself all set up and established in Chicago right now.