Enjoy this quiet and rainy wedding day. We captured a lot of moments and their first dance took months of practice. I think they nailed it! -Ez

Jessalyn and Aaron came to me last year. Jess had been following me since I first began my business ten years ago. It’s amazing to know I have people following me from the very start. She disclosed she wanted me to shoot her wedding forever now. I felt incredibly grateful to be working with someone […]

Sometimes I really get to know my clients over time, sometimes they find me a few months out and we don’t have time for an engagement session to meet one another. I really didn’t know what to expect for Allison and Sheldon but I did shoot Allison’s sister Angela’s wedding at the same venue, loft28west, […]

You may remember Michelle proposing to Taylor at the Garfield Conservatory a few blog posts ago. This is by far one of the best first looks I’ve ever captured. These two had so much love for each other and it shows in every image of them together. The look on Taylors face when she saw […]

Nothing could have prepared me for this one. I knew Susan and Micah were a bit different from the rest of our clients from this year but I never knew how intricate they would get with their macabre theme. This wedding is filled with antique skulls, pies of all varieties, a Klingon wedding AND a […]

This venue was one of the coolest rooms I’ve ever been in. The floor was paneled with glass lit from underneath. The room was shaped circular and created this intimate feeling amongst the guests. And the view from the ceremony was just stunning. What a beautiful day! Enjoy!  

Sometimes being a photographer entails you to some lively functions. This was one of them! I’d never been to Nellcote before but the surrounding area is so cozy and cute. Lots of people enjoy themselves in these neat little nooks. I love that about Chicago! The food was delicious and the company was lively. Thanks […]